VVJ Party Tech lives to have fun and bring fun to our customers.  Our large selection of castle rentals are perfect for every occasion.


VVJ loves to make your special event even more special.


We have the most amazing birthday candles. We have candles that rotate and play happy birthday music. We also have lotus candles that can be used for any special events. Our unusual candles will WOW everyone.


We also specialise in helium foil character balloons. We will try to accommodate your special requests. To find out more, see our online shop, or contact us



If you are looking for a jumping castle with a difference then give us a call.


Contact us to rent any of the following inflatables for a party your family and friends will never forget:


• Jumping Castles

  • Thomas the Tank Engine Castle
  • Bratz Jumping Castle
  • Disney Princess Jumping Castle
  • Pirate Ship Jumping Castle
  • Baby Crocodile
  • Adventure Island
  • Pony Carousel
  • Ghost Busters
  • Tigger Time Trampoline
  • Disney Princess Jumping Castle


• Slides and waterslides

  • Waveslides
  • Double Surfslide
  • Victoria's Monster Slide
  • 9m Water Slide
  • 12m Water Slide
  • Rope Gladiator


• Ball Ponds


• Pillow Bash


Should you want to buy any party supplies our Online Store will welcome you.


We deliver, set up and collect all supplies. Delivery, set up and collection costs are determined by distance.  Within the Table View area and immediate surrounds there is no additional fee.


All jumping castle bookings should be done through Wayne.  He will supply you with the necessary information regarding the size of the products, set up and delivery fees, when applicable, as well as all payment details.


We look forward to supplying your event with our fun filled castles and slides.


Safety First!!


To make the most from our inflatable units and to ensure the safety of its users,  make sure you follow the important safety rules


  • Inflatable units require a relatively open & flat area away from trees
  • Sticks and rocks must be cleared from the area
  • Do not set up nearby fire, braai’s, and no smoking is allowed on the inflatable unit
  • Always have an adult supervising the inflatable unit
  • Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in the inflatable unit at any time
  • Don’t bounce or jump near the entrance, to avoid falling out of the inflatable unit
  • Take off your shoes, jewellery and any other sharp objects that might puncture the inflatable unit
  • The maximum weight of somebody in the inflatable unit is 100kg
  • In case of rain or bad weather, all children should exit the inflatable unit and the motor should be turned off and stored indoors
  • If power to the inflatable unit is lost ensure all children leave the inflatable unit until power is restored and inflatable unit fully inflated
  • Keep Blower Fans DRY at ALL TIMES
  • The blower fan/Inflatable must not be left outside overnight or in rain. Please ensure that the blower fan does not fall over.
  • No shoes, sharp objects, pets, food, Drinks or eating utensils shall be allowed on the inflatable unit.
  • No water shall be allowed on the inflatable unit (Except on specified water
  • slides).
  • Inflatable’s are to be erected on grass surfaces free of stones, glass and any sharp objects. Please ensure you have checked the area for these as they can cause damage to the jumping castles.
  • VVJ Tech does supply each castle with 20 metres of extension lead. Additional leads can be hired from us at a nominal charge. Power points are the responsibility of the hirer.
  • • The customer will be liable for any damage/theft of the equipment whilst in their care. All damages incurred to inflatable’s or motor while in possession of the hirer will be payable by the hirer unless mutually agreed upon in writing by both parties. The equipment will be the responsibility of the customer until returned and checked by the Company. It is therefore asked that the equipment is not left outside overnight.
  • No Streamers or Face paint may be allowed on or near the inflatable. These party accessories stain the Inflatable. The Hirer will be responsible should the inflatable be returned stain damaged.
  • If inflatable is kept by Hirer overnight (by arrangement only), please ensure that all is locked away safely.
  • VVJ Tech will not be held responsible for any associated rental, stall fees, entry fees or any other such expenses that might be incurred as a result of the hire of equipment.
  • No adults are permitted on the inflatable’s unless designed and advertised as such.(Please respect our equipment and enjoy responsibly so †that others may too!)
  • Do not climb on the sides of Jumping Castles as they will tear, rendering the equipment useless
  • Please allow 1 meter side spacing away from any building / obstacles where Inflatable can damage in the course of moving due to jumping.
  • All Inflatable/s is to be positioned on a flat surface, preferably on grass and is clear of any animal droppings.
  • No inflatable to be erected on stone, sand or paving.
  • No persons are allowed to play with or near the blower fan.
  • It is the responsibility of The Hirer to arrange extension cables / power leads, supply water outlets and hose pipes and the necessary fittings for the water units.
  • The Hirer shall not at any time misrepresent, hire out, lend or in any other way trade the inflatable. All inflatables rented, always remain the exclusive property of VVJ Tech.
  • All equipment to be used at OWN RISK
  • It is the responsibility of Hirer to ensure the inflatable/s are returned on time. A levy of R25.00 per hour will be levied for all late returns.
  • No delivery fee will be charged if within a 30 km radius of TableView. If you reside outside this area, you are welcome to collect the castle or equipment.
  • Bookings are essential with a R100 holding deposit per castle to secure your booking, which will be refunded if all is in order.





  1. Remove inflatable from the carry bag.
  2. Unroll the inflatable at a suitable flat spot on grass, check first for any large stones or thorns that could puncture the inflatable.
  3. Attach the outlet pipe of the inflatable to the blower fan and secure it with the rubber band, which is attached to the blower fan.  If this is not available, use the rope from the bag to secure it.
  4. Switch on the electricity and leave for approximately 2 minutes to inflate fully.
  5. Check, once inflated, that the outlet pipe is not obstructed. (That the air flow pressure is not obstructed).
  6. Cover the electrical plug with the carry bag.
  7. Close off all other outlet pipes. (If applicable).




  1. Switch off the electricity and detach the outlet pipe from the blower fan.
  2. Leave the inflatable for at least 20 minutes, allowing all the air to escape.
  3. Fold the sides of the inflatable to meet in the middle, ensuring that the outlet pipe is not folded inside the inflatable, allowing extra air to escape. (As you rolled it out).
  4. Fold the sides of the inflatable again so that it meets in the middle, once again ensuring that the outlet pipe is not folded into the inflatable. (Similar to folding a tent).
  5. Slowly roll up the inflatable, starting at the end that does not have the outlet pipe.
  6. Place the rolled up inflatable into the carry bag.





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